Saturday, 20 September 2014

Hello! It's been a week or so since I last posted...
On Tuesday we went to London for a day! It was so much fun and flew by. (Scrapbook pages to follow next week!). 
On the bus into town that day to get the train I heard some kids saying 'have you got a sore throat too' 'yeah', so obviously I caught something and spent yesterday feeling poorly and it was horrible and I was so frustrated because I couldn't do anything... Luckily, Nathan came round for a bit to make me feel better. (I didn't ask, he insisted, even though I told him not to because I felt such a mess!) Feeling a lot better now though but getting my appetite back wouldn't go amiss.... There is cake from Betty's Tea Rooms (courtesy of Nathan's mum) sitting on my desk right now and I don't feel like eating it. Hmph
I dedicated this morning to getting some scrapbooking done. I've been in a dilemma because my scrapbook has page dividers stuck throughout and they can't be moved so I had one page - divider - another page before I had another double page spread and I've been stuck for something to stick on the single pages. 
So I had a rummage through my pictures folder and found this photo of Nathan modelling the scarf I knitted for him. For some reason I always end up surrounding such photos with flowers and butterflies... but they match the colour scheme. And purple is his favourite colour.
Papers - Mambi/Webster's pages/Papermania Bellissima/Papermania spots and stripes/Aspire crafts
K&Co flora & fauna border/embellishments
The Works embellishments
Papermania chronology die cut

Going to Festival of the Plough in Epworth tomorrow (because there's a craft fair and fluffy chickens) so maybe I'll get a scrapbook page or two from that as well!


  1. A fantastic page. I am glad you are feeling a bit better, I've been feeling rough all weekend, there is obviously something doing the rounds. Hugs Jackie

  2. Great page and layout. love the butterflies.