Saturday, 23 August 2014

Manchester MCM scrapbook pages!

So a few weeks ago we went to Manchester for Comic-Con.
I kept the first page much brighter than the second, though they share a lovely balloon theme.
The first page features one of my favourite pictures ever. A professional photographer asked to take some photos of Sam and Nathan in their steampunk attire and then offered to take one of the three of us together using my camera. 
I wanted to keep this page fun because of how much we enjoyed the weekend. Put the train tickets there too because the conductor was cool and punched our tickets with a teddy-bear punch... made me smile!
I cut out bits of the balloon paper so it overlaps the photo a bit to bring the page together.
Papers: Webster's pages (balloons) and Grace Taylor 'Parisian Chic' scrapbook kit (embellishments are from this too)
Gorjuss memory pockets

This second page features the best photo I took from the weekend and my steampunk shoot with the guys. (Sam had made steampunk guns by painting Nerf guns and they looked really cool!)
I wanted to use just one photo here because often I use three or four and I want to start focusing more on layouts. On that trip I went to Fred Aldhous and picked up some K&Co goodies and told myself I'd use the clock hands for this page... and I remembered!

Papers: Curiousity Corner/Gorjuss
Black lace
Papermania Chronology papers cut with hexagon die, plus Chronology decoupage and embellishments and Madame Payraud sticker
K&Co clock hands (from Flora & Fauna borders set)
Other embellishments from The Works

Hope everyone's having a good weekend!

Bit shocked!

Yesterday I messaged docrafts saying 'hey your website still won't let me on the members area even though it's said the problem had been fixed', so they fixed it and asked for my address so they could send me something as a 'sorry'. I expected a pack of stickers or something...! This is from the new range that isn't even out yet, too. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Started knitting a scarf!

Its for my boyfriend, because it wanted a new knitting project and I don't want him being cold while we're waiting for the train to uni in winter. It's only the third thing I've ever made and I found a really cool pattern :) Hopefully I can get it finished before it starts getting colder!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Liverpool scrapbook pages!

I took some fantastic photos of our trip to Liverpool so I picked my favourites and printed them out A5 size..
For the first I started out with Grace Taylor 'Parisian Chic' papers and embellishments... then I found the 6x6 'Darling Dear' Stuido Calico papers so used them too, to coordinate with the colours in my photos.
Also, The Works have some lovely embellishments in at the moment like the wooden ones I've used here.
 The second page is my favourite because that night was beautiful. I used co-ordinating colours and self adhesive fabric paper to add extra texture to the page. I didn't want to have too much going on here as the pictures speak for themselves, really.

Made a few things to sell..

I've no bloody clue what the best way to sell crafts online is so I'm giving ebay a try seeing as they do 20 free listings per month plus (usually) 100 free listings on a weekend at the end of the month.

They're HERE if anyone's interested, plus I'm selling my Spectrum Noir pastel pens set and a few other craft supplies...


Sorry I've not been around for a week or so. I've been doing lots of crafty things but everything was just half finished... but not anymore!
Lately I've been trying to learn some new crafts. A few months ago I painted some Mandarinfish... so I thought it'd look cool embroidered. I've got it drawn out and since I took the picture I've got a little bit done, but I've never done embroidery before so it may take A While.
 Also just this morning I've completed my second ever knitting project - Hello Kitty! :D

Also had a fun weekend - we went up to Scarborough on Sunday and it was fun (well, apart from seagull attack..) Bit chilly on the beach though! 
Then on Monday it was my 20th birthday. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I considered London to see the Mammoth exhibition at the Natural History Museum but train tickets are stupidly expensive...So Nathan took me up to The Range and I picked up a Gorjuss decoupage pack and some canvas bags to decorate.

I've also had a go at learning to crochet. I asked Nathan to pick me up a book on it in town and he did (cutie pie) but the book is SO confusing so I'm gonna have to take it back :( Knitting is so easy compared to crochet! Still gonna keep at it, but I'm finding youtube tutorials more helpful than a book because I can actually see exactly what they're doing. I managed a tiny flower yesterday...

But mostly this week I've been drawing this and it's the best thing I've ever done...!