Sunday, 27 July 2014


Hello! Hope everyone's having a good weekend.
Seeing as the memory pockets I made sold on eBay, I wanted to make some more.. but I didn't have enough twine... so I had to order more. Not come yet, though!
I also had the idea of making tags. So I ordered a set of Tim Holtz tag dies and seeing as they arrived yesterday, I had a play and came up with this. 
Gonna make a set of different steampunky designs and put them on ebay and see how it goes :D

Friday, 25 July 2014

18th birthday 'Gorjuss' card!

My cousin is going to be 18 soon... So I made her this! She's just getting into crafting and she LOVES Gorjuss! :)

Red Pandas!

Red Pandas are my favourite animal...
So seeing them at Chester Zoo was amazing!

Using Papermania 'Happy Days' range plus K&Co 'Flora & Fauna border and decoupage embellishment..!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Not really craft related, but I went to Manchester Comic-Con at the weekend!

Really I just went because the guys have no sense of direction...
Nah, I'm kidding. Last year I didn't enjoy it much 'cause everything was video game stuff..
But this year there were lots of fashion/art stands.. so my purse came out often! Haha
And I got really excited when we saw some bats from our hotel room! I tweeted Chris Packham about it and he said he didn't know what species they were... -,- Thought he was an expert!
Anyway, on the second day, Nathan and Sam went dressed in their steampunk attire and they looked so darn COOL that I saw the photography opportunity staring me right in the face, so here's a few pictures...

Still got tons of scrapbooking to do so I'll get on with that tomorrow while I'm waiting for the supplies I ordered yesterday/today arrive. I'm making some more memory pockets as they sold on eBay (with more than one bid! cool!) and I need more twine and brads... and I've ordered some tag dies as I want to make and sell gift tags, too! 

Friday, 18 July 2014

Back and scrappin'!

Had a couple nights home from our break in Liverpool and at stupid o clock in the morning we catch a train back west to Manchester for ComicCon... no rest for the wicked...and I have to wear a pink wig which I am NOT looking forward to... but things like this are always more fun that I expect, so... And I get Pizza Hut. :)
Anyway, Liverpool was fantastic, probably the best break ever! Sorted out my 400+ photos when we got home and I spent today making my first three scrapbook pages from it, all using my Chester Zoo pictures.

While in Liverpool we popped into TK Maxx because they often have a nice different selection of craft supplies than what can be found at The Range and whatnot and it's always the 'different' stuff that looks best! It was my lucky day as they must have had 10-15 different 12x12 scrapbook pads at £8 each. After 10 mins deliberation (literally), I went with a 50-ish sheet glitter/foil/UV pack and used it in my Chester Zoo pages! They also had packs of 180 sheets of non-glittery stuff for that price, but I couldn't resist shine and sparkle!
The pages I've done are focused mainly on the photos, as usual.. I can never bring myself to just pick one photo or print tiny...
My first page is just some pictures layered onto co-ordinating First Edition paper with some Grace Taylor flowers. I was happy that different brands use the same colour schemes! One thing I love about Chester Zoo is the gardens as well as the animals... may have to print that lily out big and frame it.
My second page I based around some of the paper that comes free with Scrapbook magazine. This is by Bo Bunny, I believe. I liked how the stripes looked to have different textures so I picked colours from this paper and chose ribbons of the same colour and carried on the stripes across the page. I'd never seen a male orang-utan before and he was just sitting there so high up looking out across the zoo. He was so big and I couldn't believe how long his fur was!
We saw some giraffes too, and it seems that Nathan is as tall as a baby one.... while I'm just past it's shoulder. 

The third page is using the Papermania Botanicals paper as well as my new shiny stuff. The small creatures at the zoo are just as interesting as the big ones and I particularly loved the Parson's Chameleon... because he is Pascal from Tangled! Haha. 
Hope everyone has a nice weekend, (and hello to blog hoppers!) and I'll be back Monday xxx

Friday, 11 July 2014

On Saturday it was mine and Nathan's 4-year anniversary! I KNOW. We went to The Deep and it was FANTASTIC. Printed off my favourite snaps and made an anniversary page and an aquarium page using my new Grace Taylor scrapbook kit! The colours are so lovely!

We never did get up to Scarborough on Sunday. The forecast on every site said "heavy rain". Hopefully we'll get at the end of the month/beginning of August... so instead we popped to a garden centre (I don't mind them because they often have nice homewares/craft supplies/food) and I took this photo of an Allium. I had a page spare in my scrapbook so I made a page using the photo.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Happy Monday! 
Spent my morning making this page. I had a picture of Nathan being silly that I really wanted to use... and some close ups of the flowers in the garden... I die cut the photos into circles (to look like bubbles) and layered them up. 
-Papermania Botanicals papers/Vintage Notes bloomers
-Xcut scalloped circle dies
-K&Co borders and tags
-brads, ribbon, iridescent gems, rose charms

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Managed to get to Hobbycraft today!

Went to Hull today to go to The Deep. I've been with my fella for four years today and we went on an adventure to celebrate and as always it was so much fun! (Well, apart from the sleeve of my favourite dress spontaneously ripping to shreds... More sewing/improvising to do. Hmph. )
Luckily, Hobbycraft was on the way back to the town centre, so we called in and they had the Papermania Botanicals range! Well, not the ultimate die cut and paper pack, but everything else, so instead I picked up the a4 paper pack and a decoupage pack. Nearly got the goody bag but instead I saw some Grace Taylor scrapbook kits for £5! Couldn't decide which to get... But I loved the colours of this one and picked up some die cuts as well. Then gems were on special offer.... I would have liked a dotted embossing folder but... Always leave something for next time!
So now I'm home and I've got to shower and pack my backpack again ready for going to Scarborough tomorrow! As always, the forecast on one site is totally different from the other. One says rain from 10am, others say sunny all day. But all I want is to feel the sand between my toes and run as fast as I can to the sea. 
Expect lots and lots of scrapbook pages to be added next week! 
And I will have to do the weekend blog hop on Monday! 
Hope everyone's having a good weekend :) xxx

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Selling my crafts online!

Hi everyone
I did some research and uploaded a couple things to Coriandr. I'm going to put some more up there but I'm apprehensive that it might not sell (as I posted on docrafts about what site is best to sell on and no one got back to me and I really wanted to know other people's experiences with Coriandr and MISI and Etsy etc..*sniff*) (I assume not many people sell online). But if anyone does have any advice, I'd love to hear it!

I've spent my morning designing and making some memory pockets or mini envelopes or whatever you wanna call them. They were inspired by some designs I saw on Pinterest and I've adapted them to my own design. Took a lot of experimenting, but I think they're really cute!
I couldn't decide between uploading them to Etsy or Ebay; so I've decided on eBay and if not then I'll try Etsy. Or I could make another batch and put them on Etsy and see which set does best.. I don't know :(

Might make a few cards now....