Monday, 30 June 2014

Got the craft space all sorted! We never used the box room, so we decided to utilise it for crafting! The shelf and chair arrived today so we've put it together and I'm so pleased with how it's all turned out :) 
Also, my docrafts magazine came today. Really disappointed in it, really. Just flicked through it and put it down. And 2/3 of the 'free' gifts are going on eBay... I can't see anyone using the glitter glue unless they have little ones to entertain, and I'm not going to use the Christmas stamps either. Would have liked more of the papers as well..
But, on Thursday my fella is coming to The Range with me so hopefully they;ll have the new Botanicals range in for me to throw my money at...!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Today I was still feeling a bit poorly... then I heard something drop through the letterbox... I wasn't expecting anything... big jiffy bag.... it seems I've won one of the Docrafts magazine competitions! Really cheered me up :) 
Had a look inside and WOW! The kit is so beautiful, everything I need to make nice cards. Just last week I was in despair at having no 'Happy Birthday' sentiments... now I have more than I know what to do with!

AND I've almost finished sorting my craft room out. Just a few more things, and will finish when I get back from the doctors/shopping tomorrow (that's my incentive to go to the doctors, to get to go shopping afterwards! haha) (but I'm a lot better than I was). Will post a picture when it's done!

Hope everyone's having a good week xx

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Managed to take up my favourite dress!

I was sensible and waited for my mum to get back from holiday before I did anything to alter my dress. It came just under my knee to start with, and I took it up to just above, taking off around 4 inches. (Why fashion companies won't accept that women under 5' exist is beyond me!!) I saved the beautiful lace from the original hem and sewed it just above my new one. The only thing I had help with was sewing the last bit of the lace on because the sewing machine hates me, apparently! So pleased with the result, now I have a pretty dress I can wear on the days out we have planned over the summer!
I'd take a selfie in it but I'm sick at the moment (ear infection... again! Booked in to the doctors on Friday)
Gonna do some scrapbooking now to cheer myself up :)

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Anniversary card!

It's my parents' 24th anniversary tomorrow... I only remembered this morning!

Used an the xcut rose frame embossing folder and coloured in the impression... maybe should've used something other than coloured pencil...
But I did find a gold metallic Sharpie that I'd never got around to using and it works fantastically!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Hello everyone, hope y'all are having a good weekend! Sad to say, not got much crafting done this week. I tend to alternate subconsciously between craft and art on a week by week basis.. this week it's been art. So I figured I'd share my new piece. It's a Veiled Chameleon. I love to draw reptiles for some reason..
This morning I'm attempting to turn the box room into a craft room. The sewing machine is set up in there and I'm going to put my diecutting stuff in there too as it currently is residing on my bedroom floor and I hate mess, so.. 

And I must decide what to wear tonight, it's my fella's grandmother's birthday, she's having a lil' do, and we are told it's 'smart casual'.. I Googled it and everyone in pictures seems to be wearing trousers and I don't actually own trousers... 

Anyway, happy crafting! :) 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Another scrapbook page... Yellow Flag Irises by a lovely lake! I didn't think the large photo was that great until I printed it and the detail is phenomenal! Definitely going to print it out bigger and pop it in a frame.

Made the background by die cutting small hexagons from scraps of green and yellow papers and layered my photos on top!

That's probably enough crafting for the weekend! I hope everyone had a good weekend.

(A side note: I wish wish wish that I could change my username on I'm 'electrichigh' at the moment (It was a title of a song I really liked when I was 16 so it was my username for EVERYTHING)... but I don't like it at all... embarrassing.

Card making this morning

Happy Sunday everyone! This morning resulted in a mad dash to The Range as I had a birthday card to make and nothing at all with 'Happy Birthday!' on it!
I got a couple of packs of sentiments and SOMEHOW some fat quarters, hexagon dies, purple gems and pastel notelets ended up in the basket...
Anyway, got home and started making this card for my boyfriend's grandmother's 70th birthday next Saturday. I've been invited to dinner with the family and I feel so honored to be included in their family occasions! I'm not sure what she's into, so I just made a pretty feminine card using decoupage as a centrepiece. I hope she likes it!

-Papermania Bellisima decoupage and papers, swirly embossing folder, kraft card, crochet ribbon/flower, Vintage Notes Big Bloomers, Tulip birthday sticker, pink paper doily, pink buttons.

Now to get on with finishing the scrapbooking I started yesterday. Gonna make a layout using my new hexagon dies!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Been doing a spot of scrapbooking!

Hi everyone (and all you blog-hoppers - welcome!)
Crafty brain... just tried to use my round corner punch as a computer mouse...
Here's today's creation... so pleased with it!

I often have so many pictures that I want to put on my page, but this time I resisted and picked just my favourite! Had a day out last week with my fella up to Lakeside, basically a shopping outlet next to a lovely lake, really pretty. It was a really hot day, we got ice cream (and sunburn! :/)
(I still haven't managed to find a way of photographing my pages so all of the edges of my page aren't skewed by perspective.. but they're too big to scan! Oh well)
I realise that the lettering kinda gets lost on the page..

-Sentiments (Me To You, Papermania Vintage Notes)
-Papermania Sew Lovely Paper
-My Mind's Eye paper and embellishment
-Brads (Papermania Happy Days/Santoro)
-K&Co border and embellishment
-Xcut Alice alphabet die
-Papermania embellishments + ribbon
-Bee ribbon from Dunelm

Now I'm stuck on the page that goes with this one - I took some photos of some beautiful Yellow Flag Irises that were by the lake... need a title and some kind of layout (2 4x6 photos and one A5) but I can't find any inspiration at all! Been through my scrapbook magazines twice and the docrafts website and pinterest but can't find anything related to scrapbook pages featuring photos of flowers. Ideas?

Friday, 13 June 2014

Today I made a pretty cushion!

Hi folks! Had a fun day today, booked in to go to The Deep in July for the 4th anniversary with my fella :3 So there's that the first weekend, going to Liverpool the weekend after and then the weekend after that it's Manchester Comic-Con! I'm so excited for July, gonna take so many pictures to do some scrapbooking with!

And I made myself a cushion today! Because my butt often gets numb whilst sitting at my desk either crafting or making art. But this is too nice to sit on!
I really enjoyed making this, using a combination of hand sewing and using the machine. Wish I knew some embroidery stitches, though....

-Docrafts fat quarters
-The flowery blue fabric is a sample of a dress I had when I was little!
-Coloured felt
-Button and fabric covered brad

Now my room looks like a bomb has hit it, so I'd better clear up all of my sewing things so I can actually get into bed! Haha

Night xx

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I got annoyed making my hot-air-balloon scene so I made this for my fella instead...

XCut 'Alice' alphabet die
XCut Fairground shadow box die
XCut pocket watch embossing folder
Black and white card

(My experiences with die-cutting so far have been good. Note to self, though - buy a glue stick. Double sided tape gets fiddly!)
Yay! My diecutting goodies came today! (well, apart from a couple of things). I shopped around for the cheapest prices so I don't think it's cost me too much! Haha
Bit annoyed that the cutting plates on my machine are all marked and scratched, but I've complained to Hobbycraft about it and hopefully they'll get back to me. They weren't even in bubble wrap or anything!
Anyway, whinging over with, I'm off to have a play! :D


I've been crafting since I was little, making cards for family. I'm 19 now and I've been keeping scrapbooks for a few years. I love to take photographs wherever I go and I feel that displaying them in a book is so much nicer than viewing them on a computer screen!
I also enjoy soft craft, having just plucked up the courage to use the sewing machine without my mum holding my hand. We often do crafty projects together and it's a lot of fun!
Apart from crafting, I'm an illustrator and trying to make money by selling my work online. I've sold a few things and getting more popular. Here's my art blog if anyone's interested!
I did a year of a university computing course but hated it. I have a place on a new more art-oriented course in September but I'm not sure if I should take it or concentrate on art or even crafts instead.

So, that's me and...
I hope you like my blog!