Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Managed to take up my favourite dress!

I was sensible and waited for my mum to get back from holiday before I did anything to alter my dress. It came just under my knee to start with, and I took it up to just above, taking off around 4 inches. (Why fashion companies won't accept that women under 5' exist is beyond me!!) I saved the beautiful lace from the original hem and sewed it just above my new one. The only thing I had help with was sewing the last bit of the lace on because the sewing machine hates me, apparently! So pleased with the result, now I have a pretty dress I can wear on the days out we have planned over the summer!
I'd take a selfie in it but I'm sick at the moment (ear infection... again! Booked in to the doctors on Friday)
Gonna do some scrapbooking now to cheer myself up :)

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