Sunday, 15 June 2014

Another scrapbook page... Yellow Flag Irises by a lovely lake! I didn't think the large photo was that great until I printed it and the detail is phenomenal! Definitely going to print it out bigger and pop it in a frame.

Made the background by die cutting small hexagons from scraps of green and yellow papers and layered my photos on top!

That's probably enough crafting for the weekend! I hope everyone had a good weekend.

(A side note: I wish wish wish that I could change my username on I'm 'electrichigh' at the moment (It was a title of a song I really liked when I was 16 so it was my username for EVERYTHING)... but I don't like it at all... embarrassing.


  1. Hi Emilie, first of all it never occurred to me that your username could be taken that way, and if it didn't occur to me then it vainly won't have crossed most peoples minds so you shouldn't worry about it. Secondly, wow what a colour explosion! What a fabulous scrapbook page. Brilliant photos! Maddy x

  2. Welcome to the blog hop, lovely to have you join in. What a gorgeous scrapbook page and the photo looks fabulous. I agree that it would make a really good picture.

  3. What a beautiful scrapbook page, and a very warm welcome to the blog hop, sorry I'm a bit late catching up, Dipsxx

  4. What a beautiful page, so vibrant and pretty. On the hop over from do crafts x

  5. I love the flowers on this scrapbook page