Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Selling my crafts online!

Hi everyone
I did some research and uploaded a couple things to Coriandr. I'm going to put some more up there but I'm apprehensive that it might not sell (as I posted on docrafts about what site is best to sell on and no one got back to me and I really wanted to know other people's experiences with Coriandr and MISI and Etsy etc..*sniff*) (I assume not many people sell online). But if anyone does have any advice, I'd love to hear it!

I've spent my morning designing and making some memory pockets or mini envelopes or whatever you wanna call them. They were inspired by some designs I saw on Pinterest and I've adapted them to my own design. Took a lot of experimenting, but I think they're really cute!
I couldn't decide between uploading them to Etsy or Ebay; so I've decided on eBay and if not then I'll try Etsy. Or I could make another batch and put them on Etsy and see which set does best.. I don't know :(

Might make a few cards now....


  1. Great projects, hope you do well on ebay.

  2. great little projects, hope you do ok on ebay xxx

  3. These are so pretty. I do wish you luck selling them, I'm sorry I haven't had any experience selling from a site before so I don't have any knowledge which is better.

  4. Good luck with them - they are sweet! I've tried but not sold much on etsy and eBay is a bit expensive, so I only put stuff on there when there are free listings!