Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Upcycled Storage Frame

Hi all

I think it was a couple years ago that I made this frame to store my stationery in.
It's a frame that used to hold a print, but I removed the print and painted the background, stuck on washi tape, and decorated some canvas drawstring bags.

But it started to look a bit shabby, so I redesigned it. 
I painted the frame with several coats of silver acrylic, painted the background white and stuck a Papermania Geometric Neon deco sheet on once it had dried, and stencilled shapes onto the canvas bags using fabric paint.
If I'm honest the adhesive on the stencils is too sticky for paper but not sticky enough for fabric, so the shapes are a little fuzzy... ah well!


Thanks for stopping by!
Emily xx


  1. What a really clever idea. Fabulous creation x

  2. Really great idea. Love your revamping of you original version as well. Nice to look at and functional -always a bonus when we can use and appreciate our crafting.