Tuesday, 15 August 2017

5 Projects Using... First Edition Floral Fusion!

Here are 5 projects using the First Edition 'Floral Fusion' papers from Trimcraft.  There are instructions on how to make them below each picture. Lots of scrapbook layouts in this post! I felt so inspired with this paper pad.

  1. Print the photos and cut out, leaving a thing white border around each edge. Mount onto patterned paper.
  2. On a 12x12" sheet of patterned paper, mark out lightly where you want the photos to sit using a pencil.
  3. In the flowers/circles around where the photos will sit, stitch to each of the corners using thread. Add a brad in the centre of each flower.
  4. Draw a line across the diagonal of the page, up to where the stitched flowers start. Cut in a straight line up to the flowers, then fussy cut around the flowers.
  5. Back onto a contrasting piece of 12x12" paper. 
  6. Add washi tape along the join and finish with a title.

  1. Cut a 12x12" sheet of double sided patterned paper down to 10 inches square. Fold the corners to the centre, and then make another fold so the corners are facing outwards. 
  2. Stick this to a 12x12" sheet of patterned paper.
  3. Print your photo at 4x6" and mount. Add foam to the back.
  4. Stick in the centre of the folded paper. 
  5. Stick the folds of the folded paper down so they do not stick up.
  6. Stick a title on a piece of co-ordinating patterned paper. Stick to the layout and use a chalk marker to colour the stickers.
  7. Fussy cut a bird and stickdown.
  8. Add a pennant in the top left and bottom right corners and finish with an adhesive gem.

  1. Cut along the diagonal of a 6 inch square piece of patterned paper and stick in the top left corner of a 12x12" sheet. 
  2. Cut 6x9" and 6x6" pieces of patterned paper, distress the edges and arrange on the layout with the 6" piece on top. Stick down lightly.
  3. Stitch around these pieces, and the edge of the layout, with red thread. Fold the edges of these up a little to add some dimension.
  4. Print your photo at 4x6" and mount onto patterned paper, distressing the edges. 
  5. Die cut several pieces of bunting from patterned paper, distress the edges and arragne in two rows along the bottom of the layout, stick down and add twine to connect them.
  6. Stick your photo down.
  7. Die cut the title and stick down.
  8. Finish with flowers, gems and ribbon.

  1. Cut a 12x12" sheet of striped paper into strips. Save two of the widest strips and arrange some of the rest at an angle in the centre of a 12x12" sheet of patterned paper. Stick down.
  2. Stick the widest strips along the top and bottom of the page. 
  3. Print 2 photos at 2x3", cut apart and mount onto patterned paper, adding foam to the back to add dimension.
  4. Fussy cut flowers and add to the layout, adding the photos on top.
  5. Finish with a title and sequins.

  1. To make the fan, die cut a circle and make a cut from the outside to the centre. Then, concertina fold. 
  2. Create a tassel using embroidery floss. There are lots of tutorials on how to do this on Youtube. 
  3. Stick the tassel to the back of the fan.
  4. Die cut a circle for the fan to sit on and glue down, holding it in position until it sticks. Add a larger die cut circle to the back.
  5. Cut 6 strips of patterned paper, 3x9cm each. Weave them together and then mount twice.
  6. Cut a 14cm square from patterned paper and adhere to a 6x6" card. 
  7. Stick the woven square to the right of the card, with the fan on top.
  8. Finish with a sentiment.

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