Saturday, 5 September 2015

Birthday layout

Hi all

Before I immerse myself into the behemoth that is Christmas Crafting, I made a layout using pictures from my birthday and party.

I hand drew the bubble writing... Just drawing guide lines and filling them in with colour is all you need to do!
To get your pictures into 'film strips', first crop them into squares (or use instagram and save the pictures from Facebook) and when you go to print, select up to nine photos and print wallet size on A4 which prints 9 to a page. The pictures will all be lined up ready to cut out.

Music has always inspired my creative work. The title "Twenty One & Invincible" is the title of a Something Corporate song I loved when I was younger,  and still do. If you want a listen, it's HERE

Have a good weekend!
Emily xx

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  1. Hi Emily this is a gorgeous page it looks like you had a fantastic birthday. Hugs Jackie