Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A Soft Craft Make

Hi all,
Something a bit different today -
I'm sure we've all got a box full of fat quarters/fabric that we don't use. With me it's because I'm never sure what to make, and it has to be something of practical use.
So I'm happy when I open Creativity magazine and there's a soft craft project in there that'll make something useful.
This time, issue 59, it's a fabric journal case.
I wanted to make it because I like my things to be organized. This is somewhere I can keep a magazine and a notebook and everything be all together.
I will admit that I received Help from my mother.
She can sew. I can botch and cover it up with something.
She can understand instructions. I just get confused.
Alas, we deciphered the instructions (though I sympathize that write ups are incredibly difficult!) and here's the finished product.

It's also going to be useful when I go away, I can put a wildlife mag and sketching supplies in there, plus my camera filters.
FYI, I bought that magazine for the Red Panda on the cover. It was between that and BBC Focus and the Panda won. Both had dinosaurs inside.

Which brings me to my final, non soft craft related, point. 
I am going to have a go at making art with mixed media. I enjoy scientific illustration and I'm thinking of combining that with mixed media. 

Until next time...

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