Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Saved from the scrap pile!

Hi all
Been having a sort out this week. I'm trying to think of the best way of storing my papers.

I keep my 12x12" papers in 2 12x12" boxes. One plastic one and one cardboard one that some supplies came in.

My A4 papers used to be all in one box but I could never find anything - so I've put them into a divider file with smaller papers, arranged by brand/range.
But then it wouldn't shut. I hate those divider files anyway. They're so awkward to get into because the lid keeps wanting to shut!

So I went to the shop today and picked up a couple of 40 pocket A4 display files.

And had a sort through of my scraps.
When a piece of paper has something cut out of it, it's easy to put it in the scrap file and move on.
No, I say!

My pile of scrap pink papers

Here are some tips -
If it's tiny and you can't get any die cuts out of it - bin.
If it's scratty - bin.
If it's got lots of bits cut out - bin.
If it's got a few bits cut out but one usable are, cut off the hole-y bit.
Arrange by colour - one pocket for plain, one pocket for geometric, one pocket for floral/other patterns. This way they're easier to find.

If there's any almost full sheets - cut out to A4 (30x21cm) 8x8", A5 (21x15cm), 6x6", or A6 (15x10.5cm).
Put back in your 'full sheet' files.

Here's the result of me doing the above - look how much I managed to save! It didn't actually take me that long, either.

All that should be in your scrap file is bits you can use for diecutting!

Enough procrastinating for one day... I've two scrapbook pages on the go...
So until next time....!

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