Monday, 26 June 2017


Hey gang,

These past few weeks have been super stressful. First I had uni work to finish and hand in, then there was a whole to-do which meant I couldn't exhibit my magazine project. Then I had to decide what to do with my life.... I was between applying for Hobbycraft or volunteering until I found something better. Hobbycraft would have been fab but it involved Commuting (shudder) and it wasn't enough hours.
Then I found Perfect Job.
I wrote an application.
I got an interview.
I bought Grown Up Clothing for the interview.

And now I will describe the last few days of last week.

Wednesday: Found out I had got a 1st in my magazine project, which brought my final grade at uni to a 2:1 which I am absolutely over the moon about!

Thursday: Interview.

Friday: Phone call saying I had got the job. Evening out with my parents to celebrate.

Wondering what the job is? Well, recently on my travels I had seen a shiny new building being built. For a while I was curious what it would be, until I saw the job being advertised. It is a brand new sixth form college and from September I will be the Visual Arts Technician. So basically I will be showing people how to use cameras and Photoshop, among lots of other things. It's creative but doesn't require me to actually make stuff, I just get to help other people make stuff and achieve their creative ambitions. Cool, eh? From the sounds of it, no two days will be the same. For once in my life I'm excited to do something that requires me to leave the house. And I'll be getting paid for it!

The best bit is, I can buy craft supplies guilt-free! Woohoo!

And you know what? I AM ME AGAIN! For so long I was stressed, anxious and miserable. But once I got that phone call... Now I can forget about sorting out my life and craft, which I haven't felt like doing much over the past month or so.

So my first ever job application and I got it. I still can't quite believe my luck but I'm glad to have taken another step in life.

I still hope to be designing, so this blog should still be updated, although maybe less frequently.

Thanks for reading!
Emily xx

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