Saturday, 23 January 2016

Geometric Neon Shadow Box (Step By Step)

Hi all,

I'm back with a new project made with the new Docrafts Geometric Neon collection - a 12x12" shadow box. The shadow box is great for either using as a decorative display piece or to store your craft stash.
 The shadow box came with my November/December PDT kit and I had been saving it specifically to use with the Neon collection.

Here's how to make it:
You will need:
Shadow Box (they're available in 12x12", 8x8" and 6x6")
2 sheets of deco paper
PVA glue
Acrylic paint in 3 colours
Patterned paper pack

1.       Before you remove the little boxes from the main tray of the shadow box , photograph the layout so you remember where each one goes when you put them back in.
2.       Paint the inside sides of each of the interior boxes with acrylic paint. Make sure to paint the rim of the boxes too as this will show when the box is displayed. Lighter colours may need several coats to show up well.
3.       Measure the bottom of each of the boxes and cut rectangles of Neon paper to fit. Secure in each box with double sided tape.
4.       For the lid, take a deco sheet, cut in half along the length and then half again - each strip is enough to cover a side of the lid.
5.       Paint PVA glue along each side and stick down the deco strips, leaving a little at each edge to tuck under, and secure this with a little more PVA glue.
6.       For the edges of the main tray, cut up another deco sheet the same way and glue a strip along each side.
7.       Leave to dry, then arrange the little boxes in the main tray.
8.       Put the lid back on and fill with your supplies. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope I've inspired you to make your own!
(And stay tuned as I've another shadow box to share in a few weeks!)
Emily xx


  1. Hi Emily this is gorgeous I love how you have decorated it and how great your stash looks in it. Hugs Jackie

  2. What a great statement piece. Love the double age and display x