Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Star Wars BB-8 Shopping Bag

Hi all

Something a bit different this time around!

My boyfriend likes Star Wars. He went to see the new film at a midnight screening when it came out.
I have not seen it, or any of them. But, I have seen BB-8 and it is cute.
When we go to the shop, Nathan will use my bright pink Hello Kitty bag. Not very manly, really!
So I ordered some canvas bags from eBay (£2.85 for 3, not bad) and the new Docrafts fabric paints.
Then I found a picture of BB-8 and copied it onto A3 paper, using a compass for the circles.
I cut the design out, drew around it on the bag, then cut the internal bits out and drew around those until I had my design onto the bag.
Then (IMPORTANT) put a cutting mat inside the bag so the paint doesn't go through to the other side. Or some thick card if you don't have a cutting mat.
Then I painted each part, then black around the edge, feathering it at the edges.
Then the paints say to leave for six hours, turn inside out and iron.

And here's Nathan modelling it.

Thanks for stopping by!
Emily xx


  1. Haha... only you could make this! Top make Emily! Nice bit of meddling there too... Heather x

  2. What a fabulous bag - just love it!