Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Mixed Media Layout Using Gelatos

Hi all,

I've been playing around with my Gelatos and made a layout using them and some pictures I took on a recent visit to The Deep.
If you haven't been or heard or it, The Deep is an aquarium or 'submarium' as they put it, in Hull.
It's a really cool building, here's a picture I took last time we went.
Basically when you go you get your ticket and it's valid for a whole year so you can go back whenever you want, which is great if you're bored and fancy a drive somewhere (as we often do!)
On our visit this time there were lots of school groups which is fine but slightly alarming when you're taking a picture of some fish, turn around to move on but find yourself surrounded by nine year olds nearly as tall as you! 

Anyway, here's my layout!
I only have the one set of gelatos (so far!), I bought a pack of metallic ones to experiment with and I love them!

With this layout I scribbled the purple, blue and green down the page, overlapping slightly. I then went over with a wash of water, pushing the gelatos across the page, working my way down. 
I placed blank embellishments on the layout to work out where they would be and then coloured them the same colour as the place they would sit on the page.

The circle border is a plain 'kraft' one by Studio Calico, the dots going up are just the middles from the circle border. I coloured them in before sticking down so it would be less messy.

Thanks for stopping by!
Emily xx


  1. Love the mixture of colours and the pleated border. xx