Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Stash Update!

Hi all,

Just a quick post today, to share the newest additions to my stash.

The first is from The Range. Docrafts have new products out and though a lot is a bit same-y or not my cup of tea, I couldn't resist the adhesive tiles or gold triangles, or the mini dies. The dies are a really good price and they're quite general so useful for any kind of project. Then I got some mini cards, just to experiment with stamping a bit more. I'm not that great at making cards so hopefully the smaller scale will be a little less daunting for me plus I can try out different techniques. Finally a box with small compartments in to store smaller embellishments in. It's a bit rubbish though, the inserts that slide in are too wide so really difficult to get into the slots, some don't reach the bottom so anything really small will slip underneath, which is quite annoying....

Next, The Works have some really nice things in at the moment. Lots of plain bits that you can cover in paints or inks or paper. My favourites are the little plaques that are covered with tree bark, they'd be perfect for a nature themed project. My favourite thing about The Works is that their products are so similar to the bigger companies we're so familiar with, but they are so cheap that there's none of that guilt that comes with spending £5 on a pack of embellishments are pretty much everything is a pound or less.

Thanks for stopping by! 
Emily xx

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