Saturday, 18 June 2016

Fuengirola Harbour Mixed Media Layout

Hi all,

A new mixed media layout to share today.
I took the picture one evening at the harbour on holiday in Fuengirola. Though it rained a lot, by the evenings the sun had come out.
I've been wanting to up my mixed media game recently, I've been trying various different things but it either looked a mess (on the other side of this layout!) or didn't look 'enough'. I've been inspired by 7 Dots Studio for a while now but they always seem dark and dull (though still beautiful).
I'll explain briefly how I did this but I am planning a Tutorial using this process in which I will explain more in depth.

  1. Using acrylics, paint an area of the paper, be as messy as you want.
  2. Using a damp (but not wet) brush, use your fingers to spatter paint around the layout (consider your colour scheme here)
  3. Once dry, add backing paper, tags and washi tape. 
  4. Stamp around the edges of your main coloured area. 
  5. Spatter more paint over the layout
  6. Add your photo and gems/dots.
Thanks for stopping by!
Emily xx

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