Tuesday, 21 June 2016

This Week.

Hi everyone,

No Tutorial Tuesday this week... I tried recording something yesterday but I'll be honest - what I was making just ended up in a huge mess so I gave up on it.

Instead I want to use today's post to share what's been inspiring me lately and what I've been up to.

Firstly, this exists and I need it more than any paper pad I've ever needed before.

First Edition paper pads are (relatively) pricey but the paper pads are so high quality it's worth it. I'm a little jealous of my friends - I know people on the Trimcraft DT and they received this in their kits, and another friend of mine won it in a competition on Instagram. Hopefully Trimcraft will have a DT call soon and I can throw my hat into the ring. Their products are gorgeous and I've love to design for them. 
Yesterday I saw that I'd made my first sale on Folksy, plus I sold some clothes on eBay - I've started writing my profits down in a notebook, and I have accumulated enough to buy this paper pad (once it comes out - I haven't seen it anywhere yet), and it will be bought guilt free! 

Speaking of sales on Folksy, I had to make a set of 'business cards'. Well, just little cards to make the order a little more professional. I had some for my Etsy store but that was more for my 'art' side of things... so for these I wanted them to be a little more craft themed. 
Last week I did a little doodling, I drew some shells on my desk, painted them with a little watercolour and then scanned them. I learnt how to make patterns in Photoshop so used the shell drawings to come up with some paper designs and used one of them for the background of the little cards. 

I do need to come up with more designs and spend longer playing around with ideas on Photoshop, and when I do I'll be sure to make them into printables that I can then sell online. I love papers that look hand painted, so hopefully other people will too! I've wanted to be able to combine drawing with crafts for so long so maybe now is the opportunity to do so. 

I love packing things to be posted. Getting the bits together, wrapping them up in pretty tissue paper, printing a little card and a packing slip... I'm not weird, I swear....

Kaisercraft Boho Dreams.
I was all ready to buy it on Sunday when they had a free postage offer on at Craftie Charlie....  but it was out of stock! Gah!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!
Emily xx

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