Thursday, 30 June 2016

A Little Jar of...... Cards

Hi all,

Been feeling pretty rough the past few days... It all started when I made the decision to 'get fit'. I've never had to before, I used to get picked on for being so skinny.... but my arms are bigger than they should be and I just need to tone up. So I got out some weights, 1kg each, and started doing reps, 20 of this, 20 of that, 10 sit ups, 10 more.... going 'hell for leather', as my mother says.   No one told me I needed to warm up... So I spent Sunday feeling sick as I pulled my stomach and then woke up early Monday morning in agony from my back... I have a cuddly owl that heats in the microwave so I used that... still in pain... took painkillers... luckily my mum came to check if I was ok so she put pain relief cream on my back.. which helped a bit.. but I spent a few days exhausted.
I think from now on I'm just going to watch what I eat. I already cut out fizzy pop but now I'm not going to allow myself to snack....
 I felt back to my regular self yesterday so I baked a cake, started putting together some videos, recording voiceovers... I finished those this morning, made a tag, and knitted a bit more of my dinosaur. But nothing I've finished to share yet!
So today I'm taking a blog post from the 'bank' of posts I've made for times such as this.... sorry but I hope you'll love these cards as much as I do.

I've some cards I made a couple months ago to share today using a stamp set I bought from Fred Aldous in Manchester. It's by Personal Impressions and there's a little jar plus four different 'fillings' such as stars and buttons. Really cute! Here's what I came up with...

(Papermania Craft Collection)

(Bo Bunny Isabella collection)

(Papermania Country Life collection)

Thanks for stopping by! I've a new video to share on Saturday and I can't wait for you all to see it, I've found a new, more professional way of creating my videos that I'm super proud of.

Emily xx

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  1. Hi Emily all your cards are stunning. Take care. Hugs Jackie