Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Tutorial Tuesday - Watercolour Cards

Hi all,

Today I'll be showing you how to make these simple watercolour cards.

To start with, you'll need watercolour paper (or a heavier paper that won't warp when you add paint) and some watercolours. They either come in a palette or in tubes (I prefer the tubes as the colours are more vibrant). 
Measure the size of the paper you want and lightly mark this on the paper so you know where to paint.
Squeeze a little bit of each colour you have chosen onto a palette (or anything plastic if you don't have a palette - the paint will wipe off). Take a wide, damp brush and paint a stripe of each colour side by side onto the paper. The colours can overlap.
To assemble the flamingo, cut two flamingos, one in black and one in pink. Chop the legs and beak off the pink one and stick the pink onto the black. Both papers are by Xcut, adhesive glitter paper and adhesive chalkboard paper.

Here's a picture of the finished article. I added a brad in each corner for a bit of interest and a die cut sentiment in the same chalkboard paper as on the flamingo.

A second card using the same watercolour technique but with a sentiment die cut from the centre. (Xcut dies). I used the cut out leaves in each corner.

Thanks for stopping by!
Emily xx


  1. Hi Emily your cards are stunning. Take care. Hugs Jackie

    1. Thanks Jackie, you are too kind :)