Thursday, 24 November 2016

Introducing Dovecraft 'Couture du Jour'!

Hi all,

I was very excited last week to receive my box full of new products from Trimcraft. I spent some time over the weekend coming up with a list of ideas for projects to make, and this one was the first and one of my favourites - a scrapbook layout, of course!

The picture was taken at a wedding a couple years ago and it is of the lovely ladies in my family. I am the short one. A side effect of being 4'11" is that I have tiny feet and it's impossible to find heels in size 2...!
I chose to use the picture as it went perfectly with the Couture du Jour collection.

You can find step by step instructions over on my Trimcraft Gallery (link)

And if you fancy a nosey what I got in my Design Team kit.... here's an unboxing video I made.

Thanks for stopping by!

Emily xx


  1. This layout is stunning and you managed to get all those papers to match with out clashing

  2. Such a gorgeous piece of work! Love what you've come up with! Especially the pins!

  3. Thanks girls! I want to make another layout with the collection but it's so hard to find a photo that matches the papers... :/