Sunday, 26 February 2017

Trimcraft Bloggers Day!

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday I went to Trimcraft HQ along with a bunch of other lovely crafty people for a fun filled day of crafting, chatter and cake. The event was held to celebrate the launch of 'The Craft Blog', Trimcraft's new website.

I must mention that I really don't get out much so I was super excited for this day and to meet up with online friends and put faces to usernames!

I'm super shy but I was given such a warm welcome by the Trimcraft staff, they are all so lovely and I soon felt at home.

Here's my name badge and the little enamel pin we all got. It's so cute!

For the workshops I ended up sitting with my good friend Heather (we were on the Docrafts DT together in 2015, I was so glad to finally meet one of my fellow 'Rejects'!), and also Becky James. Becky designed for Docrafts magazine 10 years ago when I first got into crafting. Starstruck!

Heather will kill me for posting this but whatever we have matching dimples. :D

The first project we made involved getting messy with decoupage glue and decorating our own little wooden frame.

 Deep in concentration...!

This was the first time I'd ever used a proper craft knife (the one I use is from the £ shop!) and obviously I got it the wrong way around and pressed my thumb against the blade.. Doh!

We were about to begin when Cat (one of the Trimcraft staff) remembered that I'd commented how nice this fish decoupage paper was, and passed me a pack to use. It's even more pretty in person. I also got a pack in my goody bag at the end. Very happy crafter! 

Here's my finished frame, photographed in Trimcraft's studio. I did take a better one but my phone had a hissy fit and decided to corrupt the file... grrr! I fussy cut the fish, it took a while and I got a bit messy covered in glue but the end result is so pretty! 

Proof I was there. 

We also got some sneak peeks of some new product lines launching later in the year. 
After this we had a craft challenge. We had 20 minutes to grab some supplies from a table of papers, buttons, dies and ribbon. Here's some of the projects. Mine is the blue flowery one on the back row. 

We also made origami flowers and a keepsake for the team to keep. I made a thank you card with a dinosaur skull on it. As you do. We also made notebooks which I will do a blog post about - mine isn't finished yet! 

A gold heart balloon ended up near me so Becky stuck my name on it. It is now chillin in my bedroom. 

We had cake:

Then we blinked at it was gone 4pm - 5 hours of crafting! 

On our way out we collected a goody bag each. We had a bit of a giggle because I am tiny and the bag was very big and heavy. Cat said I am adorable. :)

Here's me and my bag and my balloon. 

 So I gave Cat and Sarah a hug goodbye and went home a happy but tired crafter! 

Here's the contents of my goody bag. Trimcraft have been very generous yet again. I'm most excited about the proper craft knife more than anything though! Ha ha... 

Right, now I need to get making! 

Thanks for reading and thank you to the staff at Trimcraft for putting on such a wonderful event.
And it was nice to meet all you lovely crafters. Sorry I wasn't better at conversation! 

Emily xx


  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic time! wish I'd been there to say hello, but so nice to be able to read all about it :) x

  2. It was really nice to meet you! Such a wonderful day! Looking forward to seeing your makes!!