Saturday, 11 July 2015

My Crafty Bucket List

The Crafty Bucket list

 List 5 crafty things you have always wanted to try and go for it. Link back to me in the comments when you have completed one of the things on your list. (Challenge created by Katie)

  1. Heat embossing. I had a heat tool years ago when I didn't have a craft room and sold the tool 'cause I burnt a patch of my bedroom carpet.. Now I have a craft room and I'm a bit more advanced I'm sure a tool and some powders would come in very handy and I'd love to be able to create metal effects on my layouts, particularly the steampunk ones.
  2. Clay modelling. I've seen some gorgeous notebook covers made from Fimo clay and I'd love to try it out. 
  3. More ATCs. I made one for a design team swap with my own artwork on it and I really enjoyed making on a smaller scale (I'll post more on this once our swap is complete!) I'll also need to draw more so I can have a better variety of art on my ATCs!
  4. Spinner cards. I've never made one but they look so clever and interesting. I need to learn how. 
  5.  Watercolour effects on cards and layouts. Using either normal watercolour or watercolour pens. I think they look great with embossing or blended together.

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  1. Thank you for sharing and i've linked the page back to my blog post