Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Mum || Scrapbook Layout || Dovecraft Painted Blooms

Hi all,

I have a scrapbook layout to share today using a picture of my lovely mum.
It was difficult to find a picture of her that went with the pastel floral, posh-ish theme of the layout - we are a rather silly family so most pictures are of mum asleep, with something sticking out of her head, or in one case, in the stocks.... I did however find a nice one from a wedding a couple years ago.

This layout uses the Dovecraft 'Painted Blooms' collection. Here's a step by step. Don't be put off by the machine stitching on here, it's not essential!

  1. Take two 12x12” sheets of patterned paper. Cut one slightly smaller than the other, distress the edges and stick the smaller one on top.
  2. On the left side of the layout, stick a doily and three printed tags. Stick a brad through each hole in the tags.
  3. Stick an 8x8” sheet of patterned paper in the centre of the layout.
  4. (Optional) Use a sewing machine to stitch around the edge of the smaller sheet of 12x12” and the 8x8” sheet in co-ordinating thread.
  5. Die cut ten butterflies from patterned paper.
  6. Make two faint pencil lines on the right hand side of the 8x8” sheet, making 5 marks 1 ½ inches apart on each of the two lines.
  7. Using the sewing machine, manually stitch (by rotating the wheel so you do not go too quickly and mess up!) down the pencil line to the first mark, add the first butterfly and stitch through the centre of it. Keep going until there are five butterflies on each pencil line. You shouldn’t have to rub out the pencil marks as they should all be covered up by stitching.
  8. If you do not have a sewing machine, you could stitch by hand or just stick the butterflies down.
  9. Add an adhesive gem to each butterfly.
  10. Add a photograph on the left of the layout and add a floral paperclip in the top left.
  11. Add floral tape and crochet trim to the bottom of the 8x8” sheet.
  12. Finish with a title, die cut flower and a bow in the top left corner.
Thanks for stopping by!
Emily xx

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