Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Trimcraft Bloggers Day || Scrapbook Layout || Dovecraft Painted Blooms

Hi all,

A layout to share today using pictures and memorabilia from my trip to Trimcraft for their Bloggers Day back in February.

I have included memorabilia from the day - my name tag, the little business card and the tag from my 'goody bag'. I have kept the balloon too (they can be harmful to wildlife) and folded it and put it in one of the pockets in my scrapbook. Never throw things like this away as they look fab on your layouts - I'm talking maps, tickets, leaflets you can cut bits from... anything!

Obviously I had to use Trimcraft products for this layout so I used the Dovecraft 'Blooming Lovely' collection.

  1. Step by step:
  2. Take four sheets of 6x6” patterned paper. Keep once its original size, cut 1 inch off two of the sheets, and 2 inches off the final sheet.
  3. On a 12x12” sheet of patterned paper, stick down the whole 6x6” sheet in the top left.  Stick another sheet below and to the right and the other sheet even more so (but don’t stick this one down too much)
  4. Take the smallest sheet and cut a pennant into one of the short sides.
  5. Print a photograph at 4x4” and stick onto this sheet, then stick onto the layout.
  6. Print another photograph at 2x3” and mount onto patterned paper and then onto a tag. Slide behind the paper you didn’t stick down properly, then stick this paper down so it allows the tag to slide out.
  7. If you have a small memento that you don’t want on full display but still want somewhere on the page, make a pocket. You can do this by cutting patterned paper larger, then folding it around the piece of memorabilia and sticking the pocket down. Add a frame on top and add an embellishment.
  8. Add washi tape and stickers in the bottom right of the layout.
  9. Add a line of bows down the centre of the layout.
  10. Add a title. Use different colours and shapes of letters to add some interest.
  11. Add some journaling.

Thanks for stopping by!
Emily xx