Thursday, 11 August 2016

Using Up Old Stash!

Hi all,

Been sort of out of action this week - my right ear is playing up so I can't hear well, or hear myself properly to record videos, or go out as it's so disorienting! But I have a doctor's appointment later this morning so fingers crossed it just needs flushing out and it's nothing worse. I have made a few things this week though, just waiting on decent weather to get some pictures taken. Anyway...

If you're anything like me you've probably got some collections laying around from years ago that you never use because you don't like the theme or the style but you can't sell/give them away because they're just odds and ends... But you have to use up old stuff to make space for (and justify buying) new stash!

So, I picked out a box of die cut toppers from my shelf. This box had, Papermania Sew Lovely, Vintage Notes, Craft Collection as well as another haberdashery collection that came with a magazine years ago and some other bits and bobs. I challenged myself to use up as much as I could.

This first card uses up pretty much all of the haberdashery bits I had. I did make another but I'm saving it for another blog post, but this is my favourite anyway.
To start with I just picked out the large mannequin die cuts and just added more and more until I found a layout I liked. Then I had to take it all off again to stick it down! I adore this card, it's got so much going on and I loved making it.

Then I made a layout with Papermania Vintage Notes. This collection was always a bit pale for me... but I had the bits left and I used every one. 
It's an 8x8" layout and I used a picture of Nathan and I in Newcastle a few years ago, our friend Sam took the picture and they told Nathan to look into my eyes, and his expression looked so funny and I burst out laughing... Thankfully his hat has since gone to the charity shop! 

Thanks for stopping by! Why not challenge yourself to use up some old bits too?

Emily xx


  1. Hi Emily your card and layout are gorgeous. You set yourself an interesting challenge. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. Beautiful projects Emily. It can be so rewarding revisiting old collections. Cathy x

  3. Thank you for the comments, I had such fun using up my old stash :)