Tuesday, 9 May 2017

#Snapchat || Scrapbook Layout || Dovecraft 'Kiss & Make Up'

Hi all,

I have a scrapbook layout to share today using the Dovecraft 'Kiss & Make Up' collection from Trimcraft. It's just so cool, right? I also used some machine stitching on this. It's optional but gives such a great effect (except when it comes unthreaded and the air turns blue.... ). There's a tutorial on how to make it below the picture. 

So, the pictures. My cousin Caroline and I were messing around on Snapchat at our grandparents' house at Easter. At the time I had a Windows phone so didn't even know what Snapchat really was.... I know, right?! On the day of writing I should be getting an iPhone.... not my birthday yet but my OH doesn't want me "crying" over a glitchy phone any longer... 


1.       Using an old credit card or a palette knife, spread a layer of gesso across the centre of a 12x12” sheet of textured, coloured cardstock and allow to dry.
2.       Spray red ink across the centre of the page. You can use a stencil if you want.
3.       Print your photos at 2x3”. Mount them onto tissue paper and then onto patterned paper.
4.       Stick both onto a piece of patterned paper and mount onto another. Stick this onto white tissue paper.
5.       On the left side of this, stick three patterned tags so they are peeking out from behind. Stick the whole thing in the centre of the layout.
6.       In the top left and bottom right, stick lengths of washi tape and ribbon.
7.       (Optional) Using a sewing machine and various colours of thread, stitch along the ribbon and washi tape with straight and zigzag stitches. Also stitch around the photos and a zigzag down the left side.
8.       Ball up your offcuts of thread and stick behind your photos.

9.       Finish with brads, tags and chipboard stickers.

Thanks for stopping by!
Emily xx 

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