Saturday, 30 April 2016

By The Thames Layout

Hi all

I love to do layouts with lots of pictures on but it can be hit and miss sometimes whether they work or not. If they're in uniform lines it can look a bit boring but I've found if you randomly place them it makes the page so much more interesting. 

On this layout I used pictures I took on our visit to London in March, I printed off a walking tour that visited places along the river we hadn't visited before along the South Bank. As always by the Thames Nathan and I had such a fun evening following the tour.
(We passed a Wagamama and thought... nah, we're alright)
(We passed another and thought.... mmmmm)
(Then we went over Tower Bridge, by the Tower of London... and there was another Wagamama and we walked straight in.... addicts! We had it again a couple days later near the hotel in Ealing!)

Making this layout was so simple, I used the Windows photos app to crop all my pictures into squares, then I printed them out, selecting A4 and then 'wallet' which prints 9 to a page. Perfect size for a layout with multiple photos. 
The little cards are from the My Mind's Eye Jubilee Tangerine collection, another little gem I found in TK Maxx.
The arrows are hand draw and I wrote the place names on myself too, I think if you have alright-ish handwriting you're good to go if it's just a couple of words.

Thanks for stopping by!
Emily xx

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  1. Hi Emily, sounds like you had a great day in London, love your layout and lovely photo's. Have a good weekend.

    Hugs Jen xx