Saturday, 2 April 2016

Pimp My Ride!

Hi all,

A new layout to share today.

As some of you may know I passed my driving test 3 days before Christmas and I told myself when I did I would order some graphics and new wheel trims for my car.
So I did, and a couple weeks ago my dad and I 'pimped my ride'.
Afterwards we took it for a ride out to a garden centre where we knew there was some space at the back of the car park where we could take some pictures with a decent background.
I made a layout using the pictures I took.

The background paper is by My Mind's Eye, it was one double side sheet which I cut into two and flipped one side over and stuck both onto a 12x12" sheet of plain paper. I went along the edges of each black stripe with my silver Sharpie so it looks like the stripes on my car.

Just need the weather to clear up now so I can take her on some trips out!

Thanks for stopping by!
Emily xx

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