Friday, 29 April 2016

Update :)

Hi all,

With university over until the autumn (PRAISE THE LORD)  I've found myself with more time to craft. A great time to try out new things and increase my online presence.

Therefore I am going to introduce something new.

As of May 17th, Tuesdays will be "TUTORIAL TUESDAY".

Every Tuesday I'll be posting a how-to/process video showing a technique or a layout... any suggestions welcome! (At least I've learned something from uni - how to make videos!)
I'm still going to be posting on a Saturday and what I would have posted on the Tuesday will now go up on the Thursday.

I also want to get back into making art. And knitting.

Now, I need to go order some stash... off to Spain in a week and I need some summery products to scrap with when I get back!

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